Weightloss and Body Composition Transformation Programs

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Weight loss & Body Composition Transformation Program

Prices Starting at $100/session (packages customized to you!)

Optional Done-For-You Meal Prep Additional 

  • Full Body Assessment: Identify habits, health history and limitations build a customized program around you

  • Tracking and Monitoring of Personal Body Metrics

  • Customized macro diet plans: Develop a nutrition plan personalized to your individual metabolism and lifestyle

  • In-Person Coaching | Customized workouts tailored for self-growth

  • Weekly check-ins | Weekly diet updates and re-evaluations

  • Customized macro diet plans designed to create sustainable long terms lifestyle changes

  • Learn how to build long-term health while feeling and looking amazing!

Iron Bodies and Minds

Sacramento Weightloss Program

Our attentive, fully customized, and adaptable Sacramento weight loss and body composition transformation program was curated to achieve maximum results, in record time, while enjoying the journey every ‘stair’ of the way (we don’t take the elevator, metaphorically speaking, here at Iron Bodies and Minds!).

Our goal is to not only provide the best experience for the client but also to provide them with the lasting knowledge needed to carry on with them for the rest of their lives. Our programs have shown incredible results in shedding fat, cutting weight, and improving one’s overall physique. So are you ready to turn your life around and reach your greatest potential, both mentally AND physically?! Join us today at the #1 personal training gym in Sacramento, California!

How-To Get Started

It’s never been easier to achieve lasting results.

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During your free consultation, Coach Marco and our team will discuss current lifestyle, past fitness experience, current fitness level and nutrition habits.  Using this information, we develop a nutrition and fitness plan specifically tailored to meet your new goals.

Following your initial consultation, we want you to experience our dedication to you and your new goals.  Within 24 hrs you will receive your personalized plan. Within the first week, you’ll be building new healthy habits to give you increased control over your transformation. 

Your transformation is a journey. And you’ll need a guide to help you achieve the new and exciting goals we’ve developed together. Following the first week, you can choose to continue your journey with us with ZERO commitment. 

We’re so confident in our results and the excitement you’ll feel, we know that you’ll want to continue your path to a complete transformation and healthy living with us.

Following you free week, you make the commitment to yourself to continue within our program and  Complete Registration HERE.

Each week, your coach will review your progress and make appropriate adjustments to keep your program on-track to achieving the defined goals. You’ll have any necessary additional support required to help.

Your transformation is a team effort and you must participate. In order to achieve your goals, you must remain consistent and accountable to the details of your program. This means accurately recording the metrics we have defined, honesty with your coach and most importantly, honesty with yourself. 

You Can Achieve Your Goals! But you’re going to struggle at times. The more open and honest you are, the more your coach can help you overcome the mental and physical barriers separating you from achieving your goals. We’re your #1 fan, and here to help!

Iron Bodies and Minds

Real Food=Real Results!

Are you ready to take back control of your lifestyle? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Well, the good news is that you can, and you can today! By simply shifting towards a healthier diet based around whole foods, you’ll immediately begin to feel the difference in brain fog, energy levels, and changes in your physique and performance.

In short, real food is food that comes from the earth. It’s not packaged, boxed, or canned; it isn’t created in a factory; it doesn’t have a 10-year shelf-life packed with additives, preservatives, and sugars. Real food is food that you can pronounce, ingredients that you can understand, and results that you can feel for the better.

It’s time to cut the crap! Our program here at Iron Bodies and Minds provides you with the tools and guidance needed to make a lifestyle change for good. Through consultations and assessments, we allow the ability to remain flexible on your diet and offer an abundance of food options to encourage a balanced approach.

So dump the Pepsi down the sink, throw the chips in the trashcan, and bring on the life of true abundance. Disclaimer: Life is meant to be lived in moderation. This program isn’t one of restrictions and limitations; there’s a time and place for good wine and French fries too, and we understand that!

 The Iron Bodies and Minds system allows you to choose from a grocery list of good foods that will not only fuel your body but fuel your brain too! No fad diets around here! This program is about abundance, sustainability, and flexibility, all while achieving the results of your dreams.

With that said, we expect nothing but the best here at Iron Bodies and Minds, and we’ll do everything in our power to bring out the best in YOU. All we ask is that you do the same. Help us help yourself.

If that sounds like a deal, we’ve got just the program for YOU!

Iron Bodies and Minds