The Different Types Of Personal Trainers In Sacramento Explained

The Different Types Of Personal Trainers In Sacramento Explained

The new year is a great opportunity for change and growth. This is why so many people make New Year’s resolutions and motivate themselves with the phrase “New Year, New Me” every January. This year, take health resolutions more seriously and work harder towards achieving fitness goals with the help of expert personal trainers in Sacramento.

A Sacramento personal trainer does more than provide a fitness regimen or guide clients as they work out. They also help boost motivation and hold people accountable for the goals they set for themselves.

However, not all personal trainers are the same. There are three major types of personal trainers — each with its own specialties and advantages. People looking for a fitness coach first need to take a closer look at the different kinds of personal trainers in Sacramento to find one that best suits their needs.

Lifestyle Personal Trainers

Locals who want a complete lifestyle change are best suited to work with lifestyle personal trainers in Sacramento. Lifestyle personal trainers offer more comprehensive guidance. They help clients form concrete goals, develop the right strategy to achieve them, and keep records of their progress.

Working out at the gym is only a part of the work necessary for a lifestyle change. It is just as important to form healthy habits and become both physically and mentally healthy. That is exactly what a lifestyle trainer helps clients achieve.

Rather than simply providing an exercise regimen, lifestyle trainers help clients improve their diet and other habits. They create complete nutrition plans and advise clients on how to form healthier day-to-day routines. 

However, this type of personal trainer does not just cut out or limit food groups and place clients on strict diets. Instead, they train clients to become more conscious of their eating and other daily habits to bring about a slow, lasting transformation. 

A lifestyle trainer in Sacramento can provide valuable support to people who are struggling with mental health disorders or self-confidence or self-esteem issues. Lifestyle trainers are also great for those who are undergoing serious life changes, events, or problems.

Professional lifestyle personal trainers recognize clients’ mental roadblocks and assist in facing them head-on. They provide solid moral support and give clients the push they need to keep going with their lifestyle change. 

People looking for immediate results won’t find it with lifestyle personal trainers in Sacramento. The fitness programs that lifestyle trainers create are more suited for people looking for gradual, long-term, and maintainable results.

Physique Personal Trainers

Physique personal trainers are the largest group of personal trainers in the industry. They are also the most popular type of fitness trainer. As the name suggests, physique personal trainers focus on the client’s physical appearance.

A Sacramento physique personal trainer assists clients in achieving their physical goals. They primarily help clients adhere to stricter calorie-counting diets and intensive physical workouts in the gym. This type of training program leads to faster weight loss and muscle building or bulking.

However, there is a downside to rapid weight loss and bulking. Following a physique-focused training program over a comprehensive lifestyle change often has a high chance of rapidly regaining the lost weight or losing muscle mass when people stop working out.

A physique-focused training program usually involves more cardio and weighted exercises. Workouts are often designed to include the following equipment:

  • Treadmills
  • Ellipticals 
  • Exercise bikes
  • Weighted plates
  • Bench press
  • Dumbbells
  • Barbells

Physique personal trainers specialize in helping bodybuilding competitors get in peak physical condition for their competitions. They also train people on how to pose and advise them to ensure complete adherence to competition guidelines.

People in good health but who want to lose weight, build muscle, or strengthen certain muscle groups will get the assistance they need from physique trainers. Since this type of trainer often works one on one with clients, they are also best suited for those who are new to working out at the gym or have never followed a workout regimen before. 

They guide clients through exercises, teach proper form when working out, and create a detailed workout plan to maximize their time and energy. Beginners who work with physique personal trainers in Sacramento can greatly reduce their risk of injury.

Performance Personal Trainers

If a physique personal trainer focuses on enhancing physical appearance, then a performance personal trainer focuses on helping clients improve their physical performance in certain activities or sports.

People who may need help from performance personal trainers in Sacramento include the following:

  • Athletes
  • Weightlifters or powerlifters
  • Marathon runners
  • Crossfit athletes
  • Triathlon competitors

Instead of focusing on overall health and fitness, a performance personal trainer concentrates on achieving one specific goal. For instance, a competitive runner may ask for help in reducing their run time while a weightlifter may need assistance in improving their deadlifts.

As such, a Sacramento performance personal trainer would usually create workout programs designed to increase the person’s power, speed, and strength.

Performance personal trainers can be further divided into different types:

Sports Trainers

A sports trainer works exclusively with athletes to help condition their bodies for their specific sports. They often have extensive knowledge of anatomy and the sport to teach players how to maximize their strength, avoid injury, provide first aid, and promote more efficient recovery from injuries.

Cardio Trainers

A cardio trainer specializes in helping people prepare for cardio-intensive events like marathons, triathlons, and cycling. They provide training that focuses on strengthening the heart, lungs, and muscles to endure the pressure these activities put on the cardiovascular system

Strength Trainers

Strength trainers are performance personal trainers who specialize in working with powerlifters and weightlifters. They also often work with sports teams who want to build strength. They create and implement strength and conditioning workout programs to enhance clients’ physical performance.

Finding the Right Personal Trainer in Sacramento

Choosing the right type of personal trainer in Sacramento is only half of the battle. It is also important to consider their personality and training style to get the most out of the experience. 

Some clients achieve more through a laid-back approach. Matching such clients with more aggressive or drill sergeant-type Sacramento personal trainers would be counterproductive. Ensuring the trainer and client genuinely gets along well with each other helps increase trust and motivation when working out.

The number of personal trainers in Sacramento continues to grow steadily. With the increasing number of personal fitness trainers available, it can be harder to choose the right trainer for your needs.

That is where Iron Bodies and Minds comes in. We have several professional personal trainers specializing in different types of personal training. Our fitness experts will guide you towards the best training program and Sacramento personal trainer to fit your needs and goals.

We’ll make sure you’ll find the perfect trainer to help you make 2022 your year of health, fitness, and positive change. Get in touch with us at (916) 501-6048 for a free consultation and a week of personal training.