Intense StairMaster Workouts To Spice Up Your Cardio!


Tired of using treadmills and want to spice things up? A StairMaster workout is the one for you. It’s a level up from your walking and running at the gym. Take it as a fat burning and body toning mini escalator of your dreams.

Whether you’re looking to target your quads, glutes, hamstring, and calves or just looking to tone your muscles, StairMaster workouts are perfect for you!

StairMaster machines are just like mini escalators where you just keep climbing up and away. Similarly, they’re also called stair stepper workouts by other trainers. Keep on reading to find out tips for starting your StairMaster workout and amazing benefits to keep you on your toes.

Proper Form and Posture for Stairmaster Workouts

StairMaster workouts are a level up from your traditional leg day. That’s why it’s important to always be wary of using proper form and posture whenever you’re doing them. Here are some key reminders to follow:

  • Keep your body in an upright position and keep your spine straight while keeping your core engaged. This will prevent you from straining your back while doing StairMaster workouts. In addition to that, you must focus on using your glutes and hamstrings rather than your back.
  • Make sure your foot is flat on the stairs and maintain your balance. This also helps in keeping your core engaged in the workout.
  • Remember to use the sides just for light support. Do not hold onto the sides of the StairMaster. Your goal is to strengthen your legs and maximize the effectiveness of the workout, not to cheat your way through it.
  • Monitor your heart rate if possible. Some StairMaster machines have heart rate monitors and calorie burn rates so that you can keep track of your progress.

Benefits of StairMaster Workouts

Runners, walkers, and climbers all have one thing in common, they are doing cardio workouts regularly. The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends about 150 minutes of aerobic workouts for your health. That’s why it’s best to try out plenty of cardio workouts to keep your muscles engaged and spice up your workouts. Here are the benefits of a StairMaster workout:

  • Heart Health – Doing a StairMaster workout can strengthen your heart and lungs which contributes to your heart health. When you breathe more oxygen into your lungs it also supplies more oxygen to your muscles and organs. In addition to that, a healthier pumping heart will also circulate blood to different parts of your body.
  • Weight Loss – StairMaster workouts burn a lot of calories. Imagine burning 180 to 260 calories in just a 30 mins workout. Moreover, your weight can contribute to your weight loss while doing the StairMaster workouts. The heavier you are, the more calories you can burn.
  • Improve Posture – StairMaster workouts can improve your posture and overall balance. Since you are engaging your core while climbing, you are also straightening your spine. All of this also contributes to decreasing your lower back pain.
  • Bone Health – Doing StairMaster workouts can increase the production of your bone mass which can contribute to better bone health. As people get older, bone mass decreases, which is why good leg workouts are recommended.
  • Versatile Workout – Conventionally, staircases are used as great workout spaces. But, going down the stairs can be tiring and painful for your knee joints. That is why StairMaster workouts are versatile since you can climb whenever you want, at the speed and duration you want, from the comfort of your gym.

Examples of StairMaster Workouts

Below are two types of StairMaster workouts for you to try, one beginner and one advanced. Give it your best shot!

Beginner Stairmaster Workouts

Just like any other workout, StairMaster workouts are done in progression. You need to slowly build up your muscle strength over a few weeks to reap the benefits. Here we have listed down a couple of beginner Stairmaster workouts just for you.

  • Sprinting – You don’t need to sprint hard when you are beginning to do this workout. As long as you sprint with at least 75 percent effort keeping you engaged, you’re good. Keep your heart rate up and keep on sprinting.
  • Side Step – The side step is where you turn your body to one side after another. By doing this on the StairMaster machine, your outer hips and glutes will be engaged. It should be done in an alternate motion and make sure your toes are properly touching the stair treads. You can use the side rails for minimal support.
  • Double Step – This is simply skipping a step. Comparable to the sprint in terms of intensity, this beginner technique will tone your glutes and hamstrings.
  • Reverse Step – It’s as simple as walking backward. But, be careful about doing the reverse step. Make sure that you are at a comfortable speed and that you can use the sides for support. Your hamstrings, calves, and glutes will surely feel the burn as you do this one.

10-Minute Stairmaster HIIT Workout

This workout is great for beginners and takes only 10 minutes to finish. Warm up using dynamic workouts first such as body weight lunges, jogging in place, and leg swings before proceeding with any StairMaster workouts.

30 seconds: Fast Stair Climbing

15 seconds: Skip a Step

30 seconds: Regular Stair Climbing

15 seconds: Walk Sideways

30 seconds: Fast Stair Climbing

Do this in five repetitions in one session, and be sure to increase the repetitions each week to achieve greater results.

15-Minute Stairmaster HIIT Workout

For this workout, do three sets which total 15 minutes. You can rest one minute in between sets.

45 seconds: Slow Climb

25 seconds: Double Steps

45 seconds: Slow Climb

60 seconds (30 secs on each side): Side Steps

25 seconds: Sprint

45 to 60 seconds: Slow Clim

25 seconds: Double Steps

45 seconds: Slow Climb

Rest one minute.

Advanced StairMaster Workout

If you want a challenging workout, then this one’s for you. Just a reminder that you should tailor-fit these workouts to your fitness level. Make sure to do it in progression and keep the basics upfront to avoid any injuries.

  • Kickbacks – This variation is good if you also want to tone your booty. After taking a step forward, you must extend your leg out and backward.
  • Squat-Walk – You can feel the burn in this one. To do a squat walk, try to get into a squat position as you step forward. You can use the handlebars for your stability in doing this workout.
  • Double Step – Taking two-steps-at-a-time benefits your inner thighs and works on your glutes. You can level it up by increasing the speed and duration of this exercise.
  • Weights – Add weights such as dumbbells when doing a StairMaster workout. However, we do advise that you must be at an advanced level and keep your focus while doing this one. Adding more weight will intensify your climbing and burn more calories.

Booty Burn StairMaster Workout

Target your booty and feel the burn in this workout. This one is advanced and not really for the faint of heart.

2 minutes: Warm Up

1 minute: Forward Climb

1 minute: Kickbacks

30 seconds: Recovery

1 minute: Squat Walk

30 seconds: Recovery

1 minute: Two-at-a-time

30 seconds: Recovery

1.5 minutes: Kickbacks

30 seconds: Recovery

1.5 minutes: Squat Walk

30 seconds: Recovery

1.5 minutes: Two-at-a-time

Intense StairMaster Workout

If you’re looking for an advanced workout to keep your heart pumping, then this one will keep you out of breath. It’s easy to follow but harder than it looks.

5 minutes: Dynamic Workout

30 seconds: Jog Upstairs

1 minute: Recovery

30 seconds: Run Upstairs

1 minute: Recovery

15 seconds: Jog Upstairs

1 minute: Recovery

15 seconds: Sprint Up Stairs


Bottom Line

Are you feeling the burn? We are! We’ve listed down the benefits of doing a StairMaster workout and how it can help you in achieving your goal towards fitness. Try out these workouts and spice up your day at the gym. As always, ensure your StairMaster workout is tailored to your fitness level and consult with your trainer for more guidance in achieving your fitness goals.