Personal Training in Sacramento to Fit Your Lifestyle

Time is valuable, and it’s all the more valuable to you. That’s why at Iron Bodies and Minds, we believe that your free time away from work should be enjoyable, fulfilling, and leave you feeling energized for whatever life throws your way. Our Personal Training in Sacramento is the perfect fit for busy professionals or those looking to get back into their fitness routines!

Iron Bodies and Minds

our Comprehensive Lifestyle Package Includes:

  • A complete health and fitness assessment of your body and habits to identify the best program for you
  • App-based tracking of your personal body metrics 
  • A program customized to your personal metabolism and lifestyle
  • Direct access to your personal coach
  • In-Person or Remote Coaching Available
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Weekly Nutrition Planning

Jheovany’s 3-Year Client + 16 week

competition preparation

Jheo began working with us in early 2018 and lost 30 pounds of fat and gained about 40 pounds of muscle. Since completing his transformation, he began training for fitness competitions in 2019. He won a regional men’s physique competition in 2019. He is currently completing his trainer certification to join the Iron Bodies and Minds team. 

How-To Get Started

It’s time for you to start achieving lasting results.

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During your free consultation, Coach Marco and our team will discuss current lifestyle, past fitness experience, current fitness level and nutrition habits.  Using this information, we develop a nutrition and fitness plan specifically tailored to meet your new goals

Following your initial consultation, we want you to experience our dedication to you and your new goals.  Within 24 hrs you will receive your personalized plan. Within the first week, you’ll be building new healthy habits to give you increased control over your transformation. 

Your transformation is a journey. And you’ll need a guide to help you achieve the new and exciting goals we’ve developed together. Following the first week, you can choose to continue your journey with us with ZERO commitment. 

We’re so confident in our results and the excitement you’ll feel, we know that you’ll want to continue your path to a complete transformation and healthy living with us.

Following you free week, you make the commitment to yourself to continue within our program and  Complete Registration HERE.

Each week, your coach will review your progress and make appropriate adjustments to keep your program on-track to achieving the defined goals. You’ll have any necessary additional support required to help.

Your transformation is a team effort and you must participate. In order to achieve your goals, you must remain consistent and accountable to the details of your program. This means accurately recording the metrics we have defined, honesty with your coach and most importantly, honesty with yourself. 

You Can Achieve Your Goals! But you’re going to struggle at times. The more open and honest you are, the more your coach can help you overcome the mental and physical barriers separating you from achieving your goals. We’re your #1 fan, and here to help!

Iron Bodies and Minds