How to Lat Spread Like a Pro Bodybuilder

lat spread

Developing your lats will show the definition and detail in your body. It will allow you to get that shape you often see with actors and bodybuilders. Doing a front lat spread and a rear one is also necessary when joining a competition. You will need to develop those areas, and you must also know how to pose with them.

The front lat spread is often the pose you do after the first one in a contest. You’ll then perform the rear lat spread at the end of the round. Aside from following a guide to help you with your poses, consulting with a personal trainer in Sacramento can also be helpful. The team from Iron Bodies and Minds has helped professionals prepare for competitions.

The Front Lat Spread

To perform the optimal front lat spread, you need to stand with your feet wider than your shoulder width. One foot must be in front of the other with the knees slightly bent. As you’re facing the audience, keep your front foot flat and angle it to about 30 degrees. You then stand on the toes of your rear foot to prepare for the pose.

Move your hands in a fist position which will engage the muscles, showing them during the pose. Place them at your sides at level with your belly button. Place your palms downward while your thumbs hook behind your waist. This pose will allow you to open up your laterals with the arms at a 90-degree angle.

To complete the pose, hold your shoulder down and pull your shoulder blades apart. You need to tighten your muscles to highlight the definition and body lines. Remember to practice this move in the mirror to see how you can adjust the pose to fit better with your body. It will take practice to create the perfect stance, but you need to keep doing it until you can perform it without too much effort.

The Rear Lat Spread

The rear lat spread will have the same starting stance as the front one. Your feet should be more than shoulder-width apart, with one foot in front of the other. Put your weight at the rear foot’s toes while angling your front foot.

You need to put your hands in the first position and place them at the sides, level with your belly button. Hook your thumbs behind the waist and place your palms downward. If you do this right, your pose should be similar to the front lat spread, with the arms at a 90-degree angle.

When you begin holding your shoulder down, instead of pulling your blades apart, you push them together instead. Compacting it allows the audience and judges to see your developed lat muscles.

After compacting it, push your elbows to the front of your torso while keeping your fist at your sides. It will widen the shoulder blades, spreading your lats and maximizing their definition. Don’t forget to engage your muscles as you do this. Practicing this pose may require more mirrors or recording equipment.

Flexing Your Laterals

After practicing your pose, the next challenge is being able to show your laterals in their best form. It’s essential to do so correctly as proportion is vital to scoring highly in the competition. Before the event, remember to do some stretching to relax your lats and help them with your movements later on. It is a practice that you should also apply during your workouts to maximize growth.

Remember that if you’re feeling pain, stop posing and rest the muscles. The poses can tire you out, and it’s crucial to lessen the strain, so you can perform when the time comes.

Tips and Mistakes to Avoid

A common mistake among beginners is that they don’t seek help when posing and flexing. The laterals don’t flex often, and it can be challenging at first. If you have trainers that can guide you, seek them out for help.

Also, remember that you’re practicing but not straining. If the poses become too uncomfortable, it’s best to call it a day and let your muscles recover. If you try to push it, you could get an injury that prevents you from competing.

As long as you continue practicing, you’ll improve. You can practice flexing the same way you do your workouts. Set a schedule during a week to practice your flexes. Some bodybuilders do so during their workouts to motivate them and check their progress.

Lastly, your practice should always be mindful. You must know the muscles you are flexing and feel them. It will take time for you to get used to the movement, but you’ll become accustomed to it. Knowing that feeling will prevent you from flexing the wrong muscles.

Practicing Your Flexing and Poses

One of the things to focus on during practicing is isolating your lats. You need to feel the area, and you can do that by learning how to accentuate it. One of the ways you can do this is by arching your lower back to push out your butt and chest. Push your shoulders back and lift your arms with elbows slightly up.

As you’re checking in the mirror, you’ll notice how your lats will begin to stand out. From here, you can practice the pose. Recording your flexing or looking at the mirror will allow you to adjust from incorrect moves. Many of those entering the competitions may have trouble showcasing specific body parts.

Remember that you don’t have to keep your body engaged while doing this. You can do relaxed poses to practice the form and posture. You can add more by practicing posing like it’s a competition.

Another way to practice is to check variations. There are different ways to showcase your lats while presenting other strengths too.

A popular option is to clasp your hands together. Doing this while doing the front lat spread will allow you to showcase your arms and pecs. Another option is to do a double biceps pose while flexing your lats. You’ll need to turn your leg around and bend one slightly to showcase your calf muscles.

Strive for an Overall Approach

The lat spread is one part of the puzzle, but the best bodybuilders know that they have to develop their body overall. You need to showcase definition and growth in all areas. You can pose but display all the developments you’ve made. Bodybuilders know how to showcase their bodies, enhancing the viewers’ perception of them.

The information here can seem overwhelming, but you’ll be able to conquer it with some help. If you’d like some assistance come check out Iron Bodies & Minds and try a free week on us. The team has helped many bodybuilders get the desired results and rank highly in competitions.