3 Health Benefits of Sacramento Meal Prep

3 Health Benefits of Sacramento Meal Prep

Let’s Dive A Bit Deeper Into The Benefits Of Sacramento Meal Prep!

Save Time

Having a preset roadmap to guide you on what you’re going to eat each day of the week will waste less time versus trying to figure out what to cook. In addition, you can also make a little extra food at each meal and put it in the refrigerator do you have it later.

Tips to help enhance the time savings from Sacramento Meal Prep:

• Invest in plastic containers for storing prepared meals ready to reheat. 

• Double batch everything to save on cleaning up and have food for busy days.

• Prep vegetables (chop, slice, and store) for the week.

• Leverage a slow cooker to do the work and create delicious meals.

• Keep a food inventory list updated and leave it in plain sight.

• Make a week’s worth of lunches on Sunday.

Cooking double batches allows you to store the leftovers for future meals. Assuming you don’t mind eating the same meal 2-3 times in the same week, this is a game-changing strategy for staying on track and earning your time back. It will also allow you to buy less but more of the ingredients you need for the meals. 

Slow cookers are an overlooked yet powerful kitchen tool. All that’s necessary for slow cookers are chopping and slicing, along with adding spices and seasonings. Then, set it and forget it. After several hours of low and slow cooking, you’ll have a pot full of tasty meals. Slow cookers are affordable and do wonders for boosting the flavors of meals. 

Sunday’s are a great day to Sacramento Meal Prep and cook meals for the week. There’s nothing better than having meals ready to go when the busyness of the week starts. Opening the refrigerator to see breakfast, lunch, and dinner pre-made is like having a personal chef on hand to keep you fueled for the days when time is tight. 

Save Money 

Meal prepping can help you save money in several ways. When you plan, you won’t buy food that you don’t need. Knowing what you need for your recipes allows you to see what’s on sale, which can add up over time. The grocery store is an inviting environment to buy random things that seem like a great idea at the moment. Impulse buying is widespread. 

Buying bulk can save money in the long run. When you’re purchasing food here and there, the total cost can get away from you. Buying products that you can store for more extended periods will help avoid throwing away food that has gone bad. 

Ancillary cost-saving benefits to meal prep include doing fewer dishes, which leads to less energy consumption. By prepping and cooking all of your meals at one time, you’ll only use cookware once before it requires washing. Fewer dishes are a big win for everyone. 

Help to Learn Portion Control 

Portion control is arguably one of the most important factors for weight loss and body transformation. Meal planning allows you to see what you’re eating. The alternative is to fly by the seat of your pants, estimating each meal shown time and time again to be accurate. 

We believe we can pinpoint our caloric intake using visual estimations, but we often grossly underestimate the number of calories we consume.

The best example of underestimating caloric intake happens while eating out at restaurants. Restaurants almost always serve customers more than the suggested portion size. 

Contrast this situation to preparing your food at home, where you’re fully controlling the portion sizes and the ingredients. Every aspect of Sacramento Meal Prep is managed from start to finish. Significant body transformation demands control over the details. Staying disciplined in hitting macronutrient and caloric targets is vital to the process. The more control you have, the better success you’re likely to have.